Technical Translation
Technical translation is one of the most important areas for Glodom. After years of accumulation, we have built huge corpora for different industries. Our translators not only possess profound language skills, but also possess expertise in different fields. They’re veterans who know specifications of different technologies like the back of their hands. The company always performs quality control on each project with the strictest quality management system.

 As a type of professional translation, technical translation includes translating documents (user manuals, user guides, operating manuals, instruction manuals, etc.) written by contributors of technical materials, documents or materials in specific professional technical fields, and texts related to practical applications of scientific and technological information.

Technical translators must have a solid language foundation, well-developed language skills, and be proficient in the relevant professional field. Different from general translations, this type of translation should also be in line with relevant technical specifications.

CAT tools and glossaries can solve terminology problems to a great extent. However, translators still need to have relevant expertise so as to adopt different expressions in specific contexts when they’re dealing with assignments.

Glodom’s strong points include areas like communication technology, mechanical technology, IT technology, engineering technology, mineral technology, and energy technology, yet we will continue to expand this list according to our clients' needs.