Automative Translation
The automobile industry is an eternal high-tech field. Modern automobiles integrate cutting-edge technology spanning all technical fields such as machinery, electrical engineering, computer, chemistry, environment, and ergonomics. Production lines have officially brought in ERP, SCM, CRM, and other systems for overall business management. Consequently, translators working in this sector need to possess extensive business knowledge in all fields.
After years of hard work, Glodom has forged a team of highly professional translators for this domain, which is able to offer high-level services. This team consists of senior project managers, excellent language experts, and experienced engineers. Our project managers are directly in charge of all projects to strictly implement TEP processes and ensure the quality of translations. For key projects, foreign editors will perform the final proofreading to ensure fluency and accuracy of translators' works.


Large scale yet short timeframe is the characteristic and technological difficulty of translation projects in this sector. Usually, clients are in a hurry when they need to have some materials translated into English. Time is money, so if you want to find a company that provides these translation services as quickly as possible, you need to figure out if they are competent enough to handle such tasks. There are a large number of repeated product names and terms in these projects. Therefore, a key factor affecting project quality is the technique of coordinating huge manpower resources to improve translation speed and ensure perfect consistency of names and terminology in the same project or multiple projects simultaneously. Various CAT tools and translation memories have become the best technical solution for these projects as they can ensure professionalism and efficiency.

For many years, Glodom has been dedicated to translation solutions for automobile and automobile parts markets. Automobiles include cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, engineering vehicles, etc., while parts include chassis systems, electronic systems, power systems, exhaust systems, air conditioners, engines, batteries, transmissions, safety systems, etc. Documents we have translated include technical standards, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, operating instructions, installation manuals, etc. Consequently, we've established a huge translation corpus for these projects to ensure all part names and terminologies are accurate and consistent.


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