Conference Interpreting
Conference interpreters are professionals serving cross-language and cross-cultural communications. They reside at the top of the industry.
Generally, many so-called interpreters are not generalists (in other words, they are specialized and normally only work in a certain field). Therefore, it is necessary for clients to communicate with interpreters in advance, as conferences often involve a lot of terminology, much of which is often obscure or involves unusual combinations. Moreover, clients should inform interpreters of speakers' usual speech rates, and if possible, hand over past videos and materials to interpreters in order that they can familiarize themselves with the job. Clients should also tell interpreters about the general topics of discussion or content involved in this conference. Of course, to safeguard trade secrets, clients can apply necessary constraints to interpreters. This is usually done by a written agreement that defines the duration in which interpreters can access confidential information, which they are not allowed to disclose. The employer has the right to require interpreters to keep this information confidential, and demand interpreters to compensate them for any losses caused by their disclosure of information. Over the past few years, we hosted various small, medium and large international and domestic conferences, and we always take credit from conference organizers for our services. Conference translating and interpreting is very important. According to the requirements of the conference, we will provide you with the most professional services, including conference interpretation services and material translation services.