Finance Translation
So far, our finance translation team has provided quality and efficient translation services to many listed companies, large banks, law firms, financial institutions, and insurance companies.
Our team is responsible, accountable, and well-trained. Its carefully selected members are knowledgeable in the legal and financial fields. Financial and economic documents are similar to legal ones. High-quality translations should convey the original meaning accurately. They should read crystal clearly and fluently, and fully comply with the language specifications of the relevant documents. A competent translator should be a language expert with profound knowledge in finance, economics and law.
Positioned in the global market, we’re language experts and your most loyal partner offering you a full-range of "one-stop" solutions. Focusing on quality and high efficiency, we’re ready to adjust our services at any time to meet your needs. We provide around-the-clock services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our translation services for the financial, economic, and legal sectors include but are not limited to:
Prospectuses and related documents for initial public offering (IPO), various contracts/agreements, evaluation reports, financial statements, annual reports of listed companies, market research reports, bond issue, issue prospectuses, interim reports of listed companies, intellectual property documents, trust documents, bids, memoranda and articles of organizations, Power of Attorney, joint venture agreements, litigations, merger and acquisition contracts, feasibility reports, evidence materials, leases, commercial and trade contracts, fund articles