First donation arrived to fight against the COVID-19

2020-02-18 17:10
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2020-02-18 17:10
First donation arrived to fight against the COVID-19
At the beginning of the New Year, the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has drawn keen attention of all Chinese people and put the country in  a severe situation.In response to a national call for joint efforts against the epidemic, Glodom swiftly sets up a public welfare team and calls for donations and contributions from its hundreds of employees, in the hope of assisting the frontline medical workers in fighting against the COVID-19.

After the setup of the public welfare team, Chairperson of Glodom took the lead in making donations. The team immediately contacted various sources trying to purchase the qualified medical supplies. Finally, a total of 20 cases (8000 pairs) of protective gloves were purchased. 

At the same time, the team contacted China Postal Express & Logistics to deliver the gloves from Hefei Branch to the First People's Hospital of Xiaogan City and the Xiaogan Central Hospital in Hubei Province. When learning that the packages are donations to hospitals, the carrier decided to deliver the goods free of charge. 

On February 11, the donations finally arrived in Xiaogan City. From the on-site pictures, we could see that the doctors and nurses did not have any protective equipment except masks. Although at the frontline of the war against the epidemic, they are lack of necessary medical supplies such as protective goggles, protective clothes, and so on.  However, none of them shrink from their responsibilities. They deserve our respect!

 In face of the epidemic, every person and every enterprise need to joint efforts with the community and the country!Let's join hands and fight together to win the battle against the COVID-19. 

(By Glodom, adapted when published)
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