Glodom Participates in the Chengdu Huawei AppGallery Connect Seminar Salon

2020-12-07 17:25
As a language localization service partner of Huawei AppGallery Connect (AGC) platform, Glodom is going to release its intelligent online localization service soon, which is committed to providing high-quality app localization services for AGC platform developers.

The Refueled by Innovation Source seminar was hosted by the AppGallery Connect Seminar Salon at the first Marriott hotel in Chengdu on November 26. Senior technical experts, developers and partners from Huawei participated in the event to discuss innovation and development in the game field. Mr. Liu Haiming, the deputy general manager of Glodom, was invited to participate in this salon and gave a speech on the theme of Localization Helps Companies Go Global and shared in-depth experience of helping games realize globalization with translation services.

AppGallery Connect is a one-stop app service platform for developers in Huawei AppGallery, providing developers with full life-cycle services for mobile apps. As one of the world’s top-three app distribution platforms, AppGallery leaves the complexity to itself, allowing developers to focus on innovation and distribute innovative apps to more than 700 million Huawei end users worldwide. As an innovative accelerator and amplifier, AppGallery works with developers to provide users with a full-scenario intelligent life experience, helping create sustainable growth in number of users and income.

The game market has remained thriving and drawn wide attention as a major category of AGC app distribution. This game salon carried out in-depth discussions and shared high-quality content on industry trends, development tools, and refined operations. The content transformation of the game platform continues expanding. Innovative and interesting original games will provide users with better content.
In addition, many Chinese game companies have gone global in recent years. As AGC continues stepping up efforts to facilitate export of high-quality content, it pays greater attention to the localization quality.

In his speech, Mr. Liu analyzed some common problems in app localization, such as length expansion in language conversion, word string splicing, cultural experience of target users, and shared real cases and corresponding solutions for specific problems.
Mr. Liu mentioned that app localization not only involves language, but also involves culture. In the process of localization, translators must consider factors such as Chinese and Western ways of thinking, social values and customs, religions and laws, and common payment methods used in the local market. All these factors will determine whether the gaming companies can successfully tap into the overseas markets and secure sustainable and profitable growth.

Glodom has rich experience in app localization and can provide one-stop services for you to expand into the global market. To serve corporate globalization, Glodom’s translation and localization services and solutions can help integrate customers’ products and services with local customs, social values, religious beliefs and historical elements, as well as local politics and laws and other local cultural elements to accurately promote customers' brand, improve the local user experience, facilitate the growth of customers’ business, and rapidly expand the global market.

Finally, Mr. Liu shared how developers can enjoy Glodom's localization services through the AppGallery Connect translation service page and complete the entire translation task in just 4 steps.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
Step 4:
After the sharing, Huawei AppGallery product director, game center operation director, senior operation manager, and another three partners exchanged views and answered questions from more than 100 audiences. The salon turned out a great success.

Glodom hopes that, with the help of Huawei AppGallery Connect one-stop service platform, it can work hand in hand with global developers to accelerate application innovation, provide professional localized translation services for global users, and gain a foothold in the full-scenario smart future.

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