Glodom Ranked among Nimdzi Global Top 100 LSPs and Ranked 24th in the List of the Fastest-growing LSPs

2020-03-12 17:12
Recently, Glodom has successfully ranked among the 2020 Nimdzi list of top 100 language service providers (LSPs) and the 24th in its list of the fastest-growing LSPs.


 Nimdzi, as the world-renowned language consulting firm, conducted a comprehensive analysis on the global LSPs stored in its LSP database. The analysis is conducted using indicators including countries/regions, market growth and popularity, and picked out top 100 global LSPs in 2020. Based on years of language service practices and resources across languages and industries, Glodom has managed to enter the top 100 list. 

A closer look -- Glodom ranked the 24th in the list of the fastest-growing LSPs
According to Nimdzi, the average growth rate for the top 100 LSPs was 12.4% in 2019. The top 20 grew at an average of 10%-2.4% below the top 100 average. However, the next in line, LSPs with revenues between USD 50 and 90 million, grew at 19.3% - almost double the rate of the top 20. The remaining LSPs from the top 100, with revenues between USD 11.6 and 50 million grew at 11.5%. This illustrates that while the largest players in the industry are still growing, LSPs in the mid-revenue section are growing at the fastest rate. When calculating the average growth per company size, it is again the ones in the middle that come out on top. In 2019, LSPs with 50 to 99 employees grew the fastest, with an average growth rate of 19.7%. This is followed by LSPs with 25 to 49 employees, which grew at an average of 18.1%.


About Nimdzi Insights

Language services are developing with brilliant prospects. "In order for your company to play a leading role in the competition and lead the market, you need insight" - that's where Nimdzi Insights starts. Nimdzi Insights is a market research and international consulting firm composed of analysts, consultants, LSP experts and researchers from different backgrounds. Nimdzi Insights has one goal -- to help its clients succeed. 

 The future of the industry depends heavily on the global market. With the rapid development of economy, trade and political and cultural globalization, the demand for the language service industry is no longer restricted to either written or oral translation services. A provider with services ranging from language services, language solutions, to solutions of one-stop international consultancy for multiple languages is what an international high-end language service industry truly needs.
Looking ahead, language service is not only a tool, but also has a mission to push China's economy and culture to go abroad, to integrate into the world and to influence the world. As the leading language service provider in China, Glodom will continue to implement the Belt and Road Initiative by promoting the transformation and upgrade of the language service industry. It will vigorously drive the internationalization of China and facilitate China's culture going global, thus expediting communication across different languages and cultures.

About Us
Glodom Language Solutions Co., Ltd. (Glodom) is an innovative language technology solution provider that offers translation, localization, and language-related human resource outsourcing services. 
Over the past two decades, Glodom has processed billions of words in more than 120 languages for global businesses, the public sectors and individuals through an extensive talent network of over 3,000 in-house and contracted linguists from more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.
Glodom has been innovating in technologies, tools, and processes to continually improve and transcend itself and to create greater value for its clients.

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