Patent Translation
It differs from other technical translations:

Firstly, patent documents are legal texts, and translating them requires translators to have a good understanding of patent laws in their target country or region. In addition, the wording of such documents should completely conform with the norms in the target language.

Secondly, as these documents are also technical files, translators need to have a deep understanding of various technical fields. Otherwise, they won't be able to understand the technical content in the original text nor express it's meaning accurately.

Translators need to continuously learn and research a large number of new technologies, which brings challenges to their work.

We mainly provide professional translations of patent documents including patent applications, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Office Action (OA), comparative documents, etc., for patent offices and enterprises.
1. Specialist Areas and Languages:
A wide range of fields are involved when it comes to patent translation. Our specialist areas and languages mainly include communications, IT, computers, machinery, electronics, biology, medicine, and chemistry, and Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, and Spanish. 
2. Our Team's Background:
  • Senior patent engineers and agents
  • Experienced patent translators and reviewers