Simultaneous Interpreting
Sitting in a soundproof room (commonly known as an "interpreter booth"), simultaneous interpreters use specialized equipment, including a headset for listening to the continuous speech by the source speaker, and a microphone for accurately and completely interpreting all information expressed by the speaker into the target language. Attendees needing interpretation services can tune to their desired language channel through receiving devices and listen to the corresponding language output from their headsets. Simultaneous interpreting is the highest level of interpretation.

High time efficiency is the biggest advantage of simultaneous interpreting. It ensures that speakers can speak continuously without being affected or interrupted, which is conducive for audiences to understand the full text of the speech. Due to the above advantages, it is considered to be the most efficient form of interpretation. International organizations often use simultaneous interpreting as the means for interpreting speeches at conferences. It is also sometimes used for academic reports, lectures, etc.