Stay Strong, China

2020-07-20 11:58
Life is unpredictable. Good fortune follows upon disaster, and disaster lurks within good fortune. 

Whatever it is, the epidemic has always put a nation's emergency response system and individual's risk resistance capacity to the test. 

The battle of human against the epidemic is a war without smoke. 

Implications of epidemic for individuals 

Cash: In 2020 what is more expensive than pork turns out to be face masks. Even so, you still have to buy face masks because without wearing a mask you cannot even go to a grocery store or even get yourself killed in a worst-case scenario. 

Store up food: In the context of the epidemic a family may panic if there are only foodstuffs for three days left, and a business may panic if there are only fund to support three months' operation, and a nation may... 

Freedom: When you cannot go back home or cannot go outside once you have returned home, you would miss the days when you are still free to do so. But what is more important than freedom is health. 

Exercise: Staying up late at home and hardly doing any exercises during lockdown will adversely affect your immune system and increase the risk of being infected. 

The lockdown also has a deep impact on the economic activities. A prosperous and peaceful country should be bustling with vehicles and crowds. In the face of calamities, the poor urban people may be in an even worse situation than their counterparts in rural areas. Rural people can take the offensive or defensive as they choose. 

Implications of epidemic for society 

Hero: In China, there have never been Hollywood-type superheroes that can use their powers to help the world. Instead, Chinese heroes have always been ordinary people who step to the fore. No one is born to be a hero; only when danger comes, he has the courage to stand out and become a hero. 

Extortive donations: Richer people are eating more vegetables while poorer people are eating more meat. In ancient times, extortive donations and disaster relief were a reflection of balance of power between people and government and between rich and poor. 

A blast of wind: Two wealthy women staged a photo shoot with their Mercedes-Benz in the Forbidden City, sparking outrage in China over wealth inequality. With the incident coinciding with the epidemic, the incident did not cause great disturbance. 

Ghosts outside: During the epidemic, the healthcare workers are at the frontlines fearlessly fighting against the virus, but whose heroic efforts only leaving them to be treated unfairly. For example, they are not allowed to enter the residential areas where they live, or even refused by the taxi driver to take them to a stated destination. In addition, some people even take advantage of the situation to profiteer, for example, Internet scams are coming in various forms, masks are being priced unreasonably high, Tsai Ing-wen administration is trying to use the COVID-19 outbreak to seek Taiwan's independence, and western countries are eager to discredit China and fish in troubled waters... 

Countries who previously mocked China for wearing masks accepted Jack Ma's donated masks and even asked Zhong Nanshan to help them fight against the epidemic. 

Jack Ma has donated 1.8 million face masks and 100,000 test kits to Europe, especially Italy and Spain. Previously Ma has donated 1 million masks to Japan and Iran respectively and more than 10 million yuan to a laboratory in Australia. 

In addition to these efforts, China has also sent a team of medical experts and supplies to help Italy fight the virus. The members of the expert group are mainly from Sichuan. China's top expert Zhong Nanshan has also shared with Italy China's experience in fighting the novel coronavirus. 

China is extending its support to every other country in the world but the generous act is only repaid with ingratitude.
Thailand, for example, after having received from China 100,000 masks, 20,000 test kits, 10,000 N95 masks as well as 2,000 PPE kits, still requested a supply of 120,000 favipiravir tablets from China. After China has offered all its support to Thailand, the latter, which once claimed to be short of masks, is allegedly donating 8.4 million masks to the US. 

During the epidemic, many Chinese citizens abroad returned to China to seek refuge. One Chinese student, after returning to China, angrily declared that she didn't have any human rights because she could not get a bottled mineral water from quarantine facility workers. Another example is that one Chinese Australian returnee left her quarantine to go for a jog without wearing a mask and then got into an intense argument with a community worker who tries to persuade her to stay at home. For these people I want to let them know: If you choose to return back home, it is best for you to obey the rules of the homeland. 

So China must really consider the interests of the whole country and the well-being of its people and must not let imported COVID-19 cases destroy the peace that our people have made great sacrifices to win. 

Beijing municipal government has ordered 14-day quarantine for returnees to be under the city's unified epidemic control and no longer accepted the applications for isolation at home. 

Wherever there are benefits, evil follows. Some are rescuing lives and some are removing burning wood from under the boiler. So thousand years later how will the history textbook describe the story? 

The earth is sick but some people and some countries are sicker. 

Virus knows no borders, so helping others is to help themselves. 

Whether we could win the battle depends on the hearts of the people. According to one quote from Mencius, "a just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little". 

So stay strong, China!

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